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FACT: this is startlingly similar to how @ryantkelly dresses and looks on a bike. Not generally at the same time, but still. 

I guess I am more of the creative direction

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Africa: Egypt

Today I climbed the Nuweiba road in Egypt
This was a serious 32 minutes effort where I scored a 1300 VAM.

Egypt is of course the country that continued the Arab Spring two years ago. Now the country is embroiled in serious political instability. 

I am starting to skip the picture of the workout and strava link. Let me know if you are still interested by it.

I will post some insights about the data this week-end.

Egypt Nuweiba climb - By Qwertys

North America: Canada: Mount Seymour

On Saturday I climbed the legendary Mount Seymour in Canada. This was a great workout and I scored a reasonable 1200 VAM+ score.

I won’t do geography or anthropology lesson  about our neighbor to the North. I’m behind in updating my status. I will skip a few screenshots and countries but they are there for whoever are interested.

Canada - Mount Seymour - By Eric

Middle East: Qatar

Earlier this week I rode my bike (virtually) in Qatar. I found some users are using the Lusail track road in Strava to test their motor bikes speed (not safe, guys!). It’s convenient for me as it’s a nice relatively flat 20 miler. This was perfect to test my FTP. Well after a few too many missed days and too many good French meals, it went down.

I had a good ~ 45 mins ride, though. (No VAM).

Of course Qatar is the country that is investing all their petrodollars into other venture: Real Estate, Entertainment, Sports. They are changing the European sport landscape. They own PSG (Paris) (and its stars Beckham and Ibrahimovic), have captured many European leagues TV rights (Champions League, French, Italian leagues …)

It’s good from the competition perspective. I finally get decent coverage for those leagues in the US (BeSport).

They are also embroiled in the “Qatargate”. Did they really buy the 2022 World Cup? You decide.

Qatar results - Strava

Qatar - Road to Lusail Circuit - By  lord_edwill